B&B Palazzo Zurla

The Palace

The Zurla's Palace stands on the ruins of the famous castle of Rivoltella village, currently Ripalta Arpina. The old castle was demolished around the year 1250, with the end of the feud of the Capitani di RIvoltella. This feud was a "micro state" between the city of Crema and the town of Cremona. The first part of the building dates back to the early 1700 and probably this palace was built in two stages. In fact during the recent restoration has been observed an first ancient part built of 1700 and a second part more youngest built around 1750. The Palace is designed in the style of Veneto that is found in the beautiful mosaic floors and frescoes, that show landscapes of fantasy. The building was already rea family residence Zurla in the past and was bought in the early 90. Through a careful and accurate restructuring is resurrected again, the central part and Noble of the building. In recent years has been restored tower that overlooking the main street of the village which is currently home to the B&B Palazzo Zurla.